"I feel like drag for me is just an extended way of me exploring my own ideas of gender and my personal gender identity. Obviously being a gender and performing a gender are two very different things - but in performing manhood and masculinity it's allowed me to be more open and accepting of my femininity too - something that I used to shy away from in a quest to be "butch". I feel like that experimentation has been really freeing for me, and contributed to me recognising that I'm non-binary - that I've never really sat at one end of the spectrum or the other. My drag king act is Tarkan, who is a Turkish popstar, most famously the singer of "kiss kiss". Being a Turkish person born in the UK, it's nice for me to explore Turkish culture through queerness and gender. My act is a melting pot of so many different parts of my identity and I feel lucky to be able to get on stage and perform it''

Yas Necati